Solstice DiskSuite Agent  for Veritas Cluster Server  (c) Espen Martinsen 2000

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Agent for using Solstice DiskSuite's metaset instead
og Veritas VolumeMgr's Diskgroups.

This package introduces an Agent called SDSgroup

The agent's online function is to gain access to
a diskset under Solstice DiskSuite.
The agent's offline function is to release a metaset
The agent's monitot function determine if the host
have access to the metaset.

The definition og the type SDSgroup is:
   type SDSgroup (
        static str ArgList[] = { GroupName }
        NameRule = resource.GroupName
        str GroupName

1)   Copy /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/ to the config-catalog

2)   Put the following line into
     include ""

3)   This is how to define the resource:
     #hares -add Yourname_of_resource SDSgroup (service_group)
     #hares -modify Yourname_of_resource Enabled 1
     #hares -modify Yourname_of_resource GroupName (name_of_diskSet)

OK, but how do I setup diskset anyway....

a)  Install SUNWmd, bundled with Solaris 2.x

b)  Add at least one metadatabase on each machine
     cd /usr/opt/SUNWmd/sbin
     ./metadb -f -a -c 3 /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s7   # (at least 6 Mb in size)

c)  Edit your /etc/opt/SUNWmd/ for your needs
     My need is one slice, c1t0d3s0 mirrored against c1t0d4s0

     nfsDG/d0 -m nfsDG/d10 nfsDG/d20 1
     nfsDG/d10 1 1 c1t0d3s0
     nfsDG/d20 1 1 c1t0d4s0

d)  Initialize the metaset for your hosts, machine1 and machine2:
     metaset -s nfsdG -a -h machine1 machine2

e)  Give the metaset some disks
     metaset -s nfsDG c1t0d3 c1t0d4

f)  Initialize the metadevice:
     metainit nfsDG/d10
     metainit nfsDG/d20
     metainit nfsDG/d0

g)  make filesystem on the device:
     newfs /dev/md/nfsDG/rdsk/d0

h)  admin:
     To gain access: metaset -s nfsDG -t
     To release    : metaset -s nfsDG -r
     To monitor    : metaset -s nfsDG -o

All other resources, such as MOUNT, you can use the same way as before...

This is the absolute first version, I might enhance it later.....

Use it, enhance it, customize it, but don't bother me! :-)
It would be fun if you sent me an email if you find it useful.

Espen Martinsen